Lakefront Real Estate

Lakefront Real Estate

While the Pacific Northwest may evoke images of the ocean, the region also has plenty of lakes to admire. These freshwater sanctuaries often sit within beautifully forested terrain and serene mountain backdrops. However, there are also several lakes in the urbanized Greater Seattle area that serve as peaceful retreats. If you enjoy boating excursions, lakefront hikes and freshwater beaches, consider the joy of owning lake real estate. A professional Realtor could help you find an amazing property in one of Washington's many lakeside communities.

Lakefront Living the Pacific Northwest

Lakefront Real Estate 1Due to the unique geological qualities of Northwest Washington, the region features many lakes that radiate a striking turquoise hue. Most of these bodies of freshwater were left behind several thousand years ago after the glaciers of the ice age receded. The area just inland from Puget Sound, from Bellingham down to Olympia, is dotted with both small and large lakes. As the demand for luxury property has increased, more and more lakefront communities have been developed. They range from suburban neighborhoods just over the bridge from Downtown Seattle to quiet villages near national forest land.

Washington Lakes with Desirable Real Estate

Lake Washington: As the second largest lake in Washington, this body of water separates Seattle from the Eastside suburbs of Kirkland and Bellevue. A series of canals connect Lake Washington to Puget Sound.
Lake Union: In addition to serving as a major part of the Lake Washington Ship Canal, Lake Union essentially divides the north and south ends of Seattle.
Green Lake: The centerpiece of this residential neighborhood is a 259-acre body of freshwater that's surrounded by a public park. Located in north central Seattle, Green Lake is a hip urban village minutes from Downtown.
Lake Sammamish: This lake borders the east end of Bellevue and stretches about 7 miles from Redmond to Issaquah.
American Lake: There are two public parks with beaches and other recreational amenities along this lake, which is located in the Tacoma suburb of Lakewood.
Lake Tapps: This reservoir in Pierce County has a complex shoreline with various peninsulas, inlets and islands.
Gravelly Lake: The area around the groundwater-fed Gravelly Lake features some of the most luxurious homes in Lakewood.
Lake Steilacoom: Located just west of Lakewood Towne Center, Lake Steilacoom is a peaceful reservoir surrounded by residential communities.
Lake Chelan: This long, narrow body of water spans over 50 miles, making it the largest lake in Washington. While most of Lake Chelan lies within a national recreation area, a small city sits at its southern end.
Lake Whatcom: In addition to being a beautiful lake that attracts many outdoor enthusiasts, Lake Whatcom is the main source of drinking water for nearby Bellingham.
Mason Lake: Nestled on the Kitsap Peninsula in Mason County, this lake is a popular retreat for summer vacationers.

Lakeside Communities


Lakeside Attractions

Whether you're a swimmer, angler or boater, there's nothing quite like enjoying a cool freshwater lake in the Pacific Northwest. Most of the area's lakes are lined with boat launches, fishing piers and wonderfully uncrowded beaches. In fact, Lake Washington features dozens of "secret" beaches and water access areas at the ends of public roads in Seattle. If you prefer a lively atmosphere when you hit the waters, check out the city's South Day Street Park, Mount Baker Beach or Matthews Beach Park.

Many local lakes are also surrounded by attractions and amenities that draw weekenders and permanent residents. For example, the area around Lake Chelan features campgrounds, bike paths, a golf course and even a wine tasting valley. Smaller lakes such as American Lake and Mason Lake are ideal spots for those more interested in private getaways.

Buying and Selling Lakefront Real Estate

Lakefront Real Estate 2Considering the beautiful views and recreational opportunities afforded by waterfront living, it's little wonder that the lake real estate market is strong. This bodes well for sellers as well as buyers who want to build equity. With help from an agent from VDB Waterfront, you could streamline your next property transaction. We specialize in luxury properties, including lakeside real estate. From stately manors with direct access to the water to quaint cabins that are perfect for weekenders, our team works with all types of lake homes.