Coastline Estates

Coastline Real Estate

There's nothing quite like living on the ocean coastline in the Pacific Northwest. Gorgeous sandy beaches and rocky shores are sprinkled throughout the western shores of Washington. Naturally, there are also many affluent residential communities with homes overlooking the water. Whether you enjoy boating and swimming or simply like soaking in beautiful ocean vistas, coastline real estate can be a dream come true. With help from an experienced Realtor, you could find yourself residing right on the Pacific.


Washington's Pacific Coast

For some homebuyers, the search for coastal property begins in the Puget Sound region surrounding Greater Seattle. However, real Pacific Coast living requires heading a little farther south in the state. The coastal towns in the counties of Grays Harbor and Pacific provide a more secluded environment as well as access to true ocean waters. If you're searching for a quiet environment with amazing waterfront amenities, you'll love the peaceful charm of this region. From Willapa Bay up to the mouth of the Copalis River, the region is filled with oceanfront homes that are perfect for retirees, weekend getaways and permanent residents.


Coastal Communities of Southwest Washington

Waterfront IslandsMoclips: Located about 75 miles west of Olympia, this small town is home to some impressive real estate at the mouth of the Moclips River.
Pacific Beach: This community surrounds a waterfront state park that's frequented for its sandy beaches and campgrounds.
Seabrook: As a relatively new beach village, Seabrook is steadily growing around a slew of boutiques and markets.
Copalis Beach: This small town is known for being the home of Griffiths-Priday State Park, a popular spot for wildlife viewing.
Ocean Shores: Located on a peninsula in the North Bay of Grays Harbor, Ocean Shores features a long beach as well as several freshwater lakes.
Westport: Sitting across the bay from Ocean Shores, Westport is home to a large marina for fishing charters and recreational vessels.
Ocean Park: This community is nestled on the Long Beach Peninsula and overlooks both the Pacific Ocean and Willapa Bay.
Long Beach: Situated just north of the Washington-Oregon border, Long Beach features a popular boardwalk and discovery trail.

Coastal Communities


Attractions on the Coast

The oceanfront communities of Southwest Washington have no shortage of attractions and accommodations for those who seek aquatic adventures. For people who like to swim, the region has plenty of public and private beaches. Long Beach Peninsula is perhaps the most popular area for saltwater swimming as it features 28 miles of sand along the ocean. The northern tip of the peninsula is home to Leadbetter Point State Park, which offers opportunities for boating, clamming and hiking along Willapa Bay.

Locals will find even more coastal attractions a few miles north along Grays Harbor, which is at the mouth of the Chehalis River. For some of the most beautiful views of the region, head to Westhaven State Park in Westport. On warm days, this beachfront recreational area is filled with surfers, anglers and beachcombers.

For a truly unique experience, adventure seekers can go on a whale watching excursion. Various marinas up and down the coast offer seasonal boat tours for those who want to see migrating Pacific Gray Whales. If you prefer to gaze at these mammals from the shore, the lighthouses in Westport and Cape Disappointment offer amazing views.


Buying and Selling Coastline Real Estate

Kirkland Dock
Most of Washington's coastal towns are friendly, quaint and picturesque. Of course, this is what local residents love about the area. With the azure ocean nearby, urban sprawl is unnecessary. Residential development is increasing, but it's not enough to encroach on the area's beauty.

The demand for coastline real estate is always strong. If you're looking to beat other buyers to an ocean property, you'll need assistance from a reputable agent. At VDB Waterfront, we're quite familiar with the market for luxury real estate in Washington.

Our professionals also work closely with sellers in the region. Most coastal properties are gaining in value. To get the most on a sale, it's important to work with a Realtor who's familiar with modern marketing strategies.

One doesn't have to be near the ocean to enjoy attractive waterfront neighborhoods and wonderful beaches.